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Affordable Payments Options

Depending on your specific needs, each session is either 60 or 90 minutes. During the early stages of our work, it is strongly encouraged that we meet for 90 minutes each session, although not required. To accommodate this more intensive schedule, Misti's fee structure and availability are designed with the working professional in mind in hopes of removing the barriers that might keep you from receiving the help you need, whether it be related to pace, time, or money, and provide you with the best plan to feel better sooner.

Track 1

This track is specifically designed for new clients to lessen the financial burden of psychotherapy, while offering the opportunity to meet more frequently, talk longer, and pay less. In my experience, this is the best structure for quickly and effectively managing acute distress related to substances, depression, anxiety, trauma, life transitions, and relationship struggles. Below is my recommendation for the first six weeks of treatment:

$1580 for 10 Sessions:

  • Weeks 1&2: Two 90-minute sessions per week ($200 per session)

  • Weeks 3&4: Two 60-minute sessions per week ($130 per session)

  • Weeks 5&6: One 60-minute session per week ($130 per session)

Track 2

For those clients who do not need or want frequent sessions at first (described in Track 1). Reduced rates can be considered on a sliding scale based on your income.

Below are the recommended track 2 options:

  • 60 minutes – $155 per session

    • individual session​

  • 90 minutes – $230 per session

    • extended individual session ​or couples session

  • 120 minutes - $310 per session

    • extended couples session or family session ​

Number of sessions varies depending on your specific needs.

Method of Payment

Payment is due immediately after each session. Cash, check, credit cards, or Venmo accepted.


Misti Storie Counseling LLC  is not considered an “in-network” provider for any insurance plan and will not be able to bill your insurance company for sessions.

Out-of-Network Coverage

She can provide you with the appropriate paperwork to submit to your insurance company as an “out-of-network” provider. Please check directly with your insurance carrier to verify acceptance and benefits.

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